One of our perforated window vinyl graphics in Springdale, OH

Perforated Window Vinyl Graphics

Introducing Window-Perf™

DCM's Window-Perf is a unique product used to create see through storefront, perforated window, vinyl graphics. DCM Window-Perf features a 70/30 printable area and is available in clear for inside-mounted projects and black/white for outside-mounting. Window-Perf is 6.0 mils thick and is easily removed after use. Set your window graphics apart from the competition by using Window-Perf. Call us today!
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Some Applications for Window-Perf™ include:

  • POP Displays

  • Window Graphics

  • And more!


Important Specs for Window-Perf™

Window-Perf is a pressure sensitive, window film made from flexible, perforated, vinyl film for use on one-way visual graphic panels.