Dry Erase


Dry Erase is our proprietary line of removable vinyl that accepts dry erase markers.

DCM's Dry Erase product is our classic, white Magik-Stik treated with a special coating that allows the substrate to accept dry erase markers. This turns any sheet into a removable/repositionable dry erase board. Perfect for any home, office, or dorm room.

Some Applications for Dry Erase include:

  • Wall Decor

  • Classroom

  • Home Organization

  • Workplace Productivity

  • Children's Education

  • Dorm Rooms

  • Wall Posters

  • Kitchens

  • And more!


Important Specs for Dry Erase

Dry Erase is a Magik-Stik product with a specially applied topcoat that transforms it into an easy-to-clean dry erase board.  It is available in both 3.5 mil white vinyl and 5.0 mil white vinyl.