Dry Erase Products in Ohio

Our dry erase board being used in Ohio

Dry Erase is our proprietary line of removable vinyl that accepts dry erase markers.

DCM's Dry Erase product is our classic, white Magik-Stik treated with a special coating that allows the substrate to accept dry erase markers. This turns any sheet into a removable/repositionable dry erase board. Perfect for any home, office, or dorm room.

Some Applications for Dry Erase include:

  • Wall Decor

  • Classroom

  • Home Organization

  • Workplace Productivity

  • Children's Education

  • Dorm Rooms

  • Wall Posters

  • Kitchens

  • And more!


Important Specs for Dry Erase

Dry Erase is a Magik-Stik product with a specially applied topcoat that transforms it into an easy-to-clean dry erase board.  It is available in both 3.5 mil white vinyl and 5.0 mil white vinyl.