Ordering Peel and Stick Vinyl in Bulk? Hire DCM Inc!

Peel and Stick Vinyl

Vinyl wall graphics are an excellent way for businesses to add branding or personalization to their walls. At DCM Inc., we offer our Magik-Stik vinyl print media materials in bulk so that can meet all of your customers’ needs and preferences. We ship our products to printers locally in Ohio, across the nation, and around the globe. DCM Inc. has provided quality printing materials to commercial print shops for over three decades, so we have the experience to fulfill your bulk order.


Benefits of Wall Graphics from DCM Inc.

You can order vinyl printing materials in bulk from DCM Inc. to meet the needs of your large printing project. Here are some of the benefits of using Magik-Stik:

Removable and Reusable

At DCM Inc., we offer peel-and-stick that are easy to remove and reuse. We use a low-tack, microsphere adhesive that allows vinyl graphics to be removed and repositioned without damaging drywall or paint. The microsphere adhesive that we use doesn’t leave sticky residue on walls.

Reusable wall decals are an eco-friendly option since they can be used multiple times to minimize waste. Customers can change the layout of their spaces or update their decor by repositioning the decals instead of purchasing new ones. The adhesive backing on our graphics allows them to stick on any smooth, non-porous surface. They can easily be installed on matte-painted drywall and then moved to a different surface, like non-textured wallpaper or a finished wood door.


At DCM we offer various lines of durable, pressure-sensitive printing materials.  Products such as our Magik-Stik and Super-Clear Pro are designed with a tough, polymeric plastic film that is resistant to scratches, oils, chemicals, and some solvents. Whether you need to manufacture tough, durable, permanent labels, or you’re looking to create a large, outdoor mural, we can help you choose the right product for your specific project and bulk order.


Based on your customers’ specifications, we can provide high quality, vinyl print media in different colors, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. At DCM Inc., we supply custom products to various printers, such as wide format and sheet-fed digital, gravure, offset, screen, and flexographic. Our printable, peel-and stick-vinyl can be used for personalized logos, slogans, and borders. Whether your bulk printing project requires thousands of peel-and-stick sheets or a 50-yard roll of adhesive vinyl, we can supply it.

Additional Features

Our Magik-Stik wall decals are phthalate-free and manufactured per North American and European safety standards. They have many applications, including the following:

  • Large Format Wall Graphics
  • Peel-and-Stick Wallpapers
  • POP Displays
  • Dry-Erase Boards
  • Murals

Ordering our vinyl in bulk can provide your commercial printing business with quality printing materials to satisfy your various project needs.

Order Your Bulk Print Media from DCM Inc.

You can order the highest quality print materials in bulk from DCM Inc. We offer durable, customizable, and reusable wall decals for indoor and outdoor use. Our peel-and-stick printing materials can be used for many different applications, including wall posters, dry-erase boards, and life-size wall graphics. Contact us today to place your bulk order.